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RanchOlivo is a small Artesian home grown olive oil business—bottled in Fremont, California. The company needed a logo, a bottle recommendation for the package including closures, a label design for both front and back of the bottle and a color palette and brand guidelines. I was retained to create the logo and package design. I recommended the name be one word with capitalizing the "O" in Olivo and slightly accentuating the "v." I used typography that had a little character but retained it's personality in initial caps. Then I customized the type from letter to letter. For the visual, I wanted to create a strong clear bold olive graphic. I used illustration with flat colors and created a color palette that worked together and was easily silk screened, stitched and printed on any surface from the product design to signage & apparel. Also wanted the logo to used large and small— I chose a simple olive shape with an "o" to cradle the olive and included a hint of the olive tree leaves. The olive art gained "angle and shape" simply by adding highlights in different hues. designed both black and white label options but decided upon the white for a final label design. I researched and recommended the size, shape and color of the bottle; a label size and shape  to fit the tall proportioned 8 oz. dark green bottle. The black background was designed and produced for apparel—hats, aprons and polo shirts. The Annual Olive harvest occurs each fall and so an invitation was designed and mailed. Once participants helped to pick and press the olives, they left with a bottle of Artesian RanchOlivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a thank you tag attached. Yum!

CATEGORY  Print and Package Design
CAPABILITIES  Art direction, layout, color, typography, product research

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