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Sunflower Hill is a nonprofit residential and vocational community for individuals with developmental delays. I was the sole graphic designer on this account to help Board of Directors come up with a logo and brand look to match the happy name "Sunflower Hill." I designed the logo, tradeshow and event banner, trifold brochures, greeting card packs and other collateral. In addition I created assets for the website as well as a seed packet design to hold Sunflower seeds from the new Garden. I then also created a logo, as an offshoot of Sunflower Hill, titled: Sunflower Hill Gardens. The logo and graphics work has continually received high praise from all those who see it and share in the nonprofit goal building the special needs adult community. I used an illustrative style to design the logo with a slight hint to a hill and growth upward. A rich brown color for the soil and fun typography. I decided the lettering should move up and down for an active-always-in-motion feel... representing the energy it takes to raise money and try to get the project built. The colors were perfect Sunflower colors. I added a checkerboard banding/border on many of the pieces using green and gold to add to the look and feel.

CATEGORY  Print and Collateral
CAPABILITIES  Art direction, layout, color, typography

CATEGORY  Tradeshow:
Retractable banners/signage

CAPABILITIES  Art direction,
layout, color,

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