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Cindy was great to work with. We have entrusted her, during two separate maternity leaves, with the custom order process for our clients' direct mail marketing to do on her own and she knocked it out of the park both times. She 
has created direct mail, online ads, and large scale trade show booths for our company. She works well with corporate style guides and product development concepts. I am blown away by her talent and her ability to take any project and run. For a large-scale direct mail catalog project, Cindy took complex concepts and was able to put them to a solid visual representation of what we wanted. We gave her very little direction. She was able to make revisions quickly. Cindy is highly communicative, responsive, and just a pleasure to work with - delightful in talent, speed , thoughtfulness and thoroughness. We threw some wrenches at her but she was able to catch them and
keep running. I could not recommend her higher. I feel confident that choosing her is always an excellent choice. 
                                                                                                   ~Marla Tipton, SmartZip, Inc, Pleasanton 

We have worked with Cindy Usedom since 2001. She has handled trade advertising for California Avocado Commission and Dole Foods, Inc. She is very talented and always generates a variety of creative concepts for
client consideration. Her attention to detail in the execution of the concepts is exceptional. She is easy to work with, very talented and can handle multiple job roles. Many of our clients' ads have won top awards and recognition in

the publications. We would highly recommend working with Cindy.  

                                                                                           ~Peggy McCormick, MMM Marketing  

Art direction based on sound strategic thinking. Cindy never fails to ask the good questions and define the smart venues for excellence in concept, execution, integration and how to make it work together so clients and agencies

get big thinking based on very sound strategic principles. Having worked with Cindy in broadcast, print, and digital areas, her passion and talent for the best is in every detail she touches. A complete art director & graphic designer.                                                                                               ~Jeremiah Treacy, Independent Contractor/Copywriter 


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